Fructose-free Chocolate Milk Recovery Drink

yield: 1 gallon (2 1/4c dry mix)


1 1/3 c dextrose

2/3 c dark cocoa (Dutch process preferred, e.g. Special Dark or better)

2 T stevia/erythritol blend (to make blend: 1/2 t pure stevia extract per cup erythritol)

2 t xanthan gum

2000 IU Vitamin E succinate

1 gallon skim milk

2/3 c hot water

method: mix powders in blender to break up clumps. Add hot water. Mix to form paste. Add milk to target full blender (n.b. expands by about 1.5x with air) and mix until fully blended. Pour contents of blender back into gallon of milk and shake.

usage: 1oz drink per 7.5lbs of ideal body weight as soon as possible after lifting.