I Didn’t Vote

I didn’t vote because of the new NH VoterID law.  If voting is a right you don’t need to show an ID.  I don’t need to show a bureaucrat an ID to go into church, I don’t need to show an ID to speak on the street corner, and Part 1st , Article 11 says that elections are to be “Free”, as in free speech, free exercise of religion, a free press, etc.  Any extant voter fraud was smaller than the margin of error by counting, so there was no problem actually being solved  – it was pure authoritarian thuggery by the Republican majority (an attempt to disenfranchise student voters, mostly).

Oh, and the affidavit? – if I showed up to vote constitutionally and signed their paper (say it was offered by the poll workers or Town Moderator who all know me by name) then they’ll be sending follow-up letters, starting investigations, and charging me with a crime for not playing their repression game.  As if that’s a ‘free’ option.

If voting is merely a privilege now, then I want no part of it, as the system of government we supposedly have is based on a right of representation.  Perhaps it always was a privilege, but now the charade is up.  “Papers, please.”