5-year old Hero

Rayshun McDowell, a hero and 5-year-old boy, protected six other children outside his parents’ home from a rabid fox. He

“grabbed a rabid fox by the neck and pinned it to the ground during a family cookout, protecting six other children before his stepfather could step in.

“I wanted to protect my little brother,” said Rayshun, who battled the animal in the front yard of his home Sunday in Kingstown, a town about 50 miles west of Charlotte.

The fox bit Rayshun in the leg, but the 61-pound-boy held the animal down. Health officials later identified the fox as rabid.”

Rayshun’s parents, Shinda Linder and Ryan Thompson, are to be commended for raising such a brave child. Sam Lockridge, a county health official, advised other children to not be so brave. It’s a shame when a society can’t celebrate its heros out of some nebulous fear of litigation.

Emma’s going to be four tomorrow. I’ve tried to teach her bravery, sacrifice, and courage, but even though she fancies herself as a Wonder Woman-in-training, I’m not quite sure I’ve done as good as job as Rayshun’s parents. Hopefully I’ll teach her to shoot better than the family’s neighbor.