Baby Boomers to Crush US Economy

There’s a new study out that says that three out of five baby boomers will outlive their retirement savings, due to inflationary pressures and too high a standard of living. For the first, precious metals would be a good answer, and if that road is taken, the second problem may just solve itself.

But the problem with the study is it only looks at baby boomers living to be 90-100 years old. With practical gene therapy, telomere extension technology, and perhaps even nanobot reconstruction, a significant number of baby boomers could live to be 120-130 instead. This is nothing that was planned for, and our social welfare programs cannot support it. We may very well see people who have been on the dole longer than they’ve been productive workers.

Are you willing to bet against advances in medical technology and Moore’s law? Boom, indeed.