Collateral Damage in Gawker vs. Palin

In reference to the Gawker post of Gov. Palin’s e-mail excerpts, photos, etc:

First, the Gawker people are complete crap for posting the e-mail addresses of Gov. Palin’s friends and family. If nothing else, this is unmistakably over the top – several dozen people will now effectively have to start all new e-mail accounts and endure the difficulties associated with that. Inexcusable.

As to conducting government business, yeah, there’s a point to be made here. However, I’ll bet that the most likely reason is that the sender typed ‘sarah palin’ in their mailer, and having two addresses for her picked the wrong one. Many mailers hide the actual address after choosing, so this is an easy mistake to make.

The governor could have at that point chosen to scold the sender, but instead she just replied. The former would have been the pedantically correct thing to do – whether the latter was inexcusable or pragmatic is a matter of perspective.

The important thing to do here to implicate Gov. Palin would be to establish a pattern of certain types of mails, certain correspondents, certain policies, specific projects that she only used her Yahoo! account for. This doesn’t seem to exist – the contents appear to be random and mundane. Even the guy who broke into her account and read all of her mails looking for something ‘juicy’ concurs. So, the conspiracy hypothesis fails, leaving random technology farts as the likely cause.

There’s still a technical case to be made here, but good luck getting anybody who has a work and home account themselves to actually care.