Conversation with a Palin Hater

So the other night I was at a dinner and sat next to a nice fellow who asked me, “what do you think of this Sarah Palin?”

“She’s interesting,” I began, “what do you think of her?”

“Oh, she’s terrible!” came the reply. So, I asked, intending to learn something and continue the conversation, “which of her positions positions do you dislike?”

“All of them!” was the what-don’t-you-get reply. “Oh,” I said with some fascination, “which one do you think is the worst?” At this point I was suspecting this could be fun.

“Just all of them,” was the only answer I received, and the conversation turned.

So, the rhetorical question of the day is how many of Sarah Palin’s positions do you think this hater actually knew anything about? It amazes me how people can take strong political positions without knowing anything about the subject. I get this over and over on nuclear energy especially. I think I err on the other side too much, only weighing in on a topic after I’ve researched it extensively. Well, at least feeling embarrassed in retrospect when I do otherwise.