DirectBuy – Apparent Scam

I’ve seen/heard ads for DirectBuy on CNN and local radio. I figured I’d check out who these guys are, and came across this website.

Apparently the membership fee is $4950, they use high-pressure sales tactics, and their deals of are questionable value. Some write that it’s a good deal if you’re looking to buy more than $50K in product and enjoy their selection, but others write you can’t look at the selection before you sign up. Sounds like a scam. I’ve written the producers of a couple shows I listen to who promote the company, passing along this URL.

Here’s an older piece by WCBS in NYC for those more impressed by big media. They quote an NYU business professor describing their do-or-die technique as characteristic of disreputable companies.

I know all of my readers wouldn’t succumb to high-pressure sales tactics, but there are less savvy folk out there.