Fluoride in Tap Water

This is an interesting video about new science on water fluoridation:

Here’s another study showing a decreased spermatogenesis rate among rats exposed to Sodium Fluoride, the variant considered ‘more safe’ than the others.

Most municipal water fluoride is taken from the industrial smokestack scrubbers of fertilizer plants and as a byproduct of the aluminum industry. It’s not purified, as radiation studies have shown. It can increase blood lead levels. Most of it is not consumed by humans, and the amount that is is barely on the teeth long enough to have oral effect. Modern studies show it doesn’t even have a positive effect that can be separated from non-fluoride factors (correlation vs. causation).

Try instead a Xylitol toothpaste. Instead of perhaps having a positive benefit on remineralization of the tooth enamel after teeth have been decayed by plaque bacteria, Xylitol kills the plaque bacteria, because they can’t digest it but ‘think’ they can, so they effectively starve. Long-term use is likely to reduce one’s oral cavity infection of plaque bacteria significantly (this has been shown to be effective in treatments of chronic strep throat as well). Xylitol is a simple sugar made from either birch trees or corn, and is safe for diabetics and those with insulin resistance syndrome (or those just trying to eat healthily). It can be substituted in any recipe not using sugar for structure or fermentation. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, except in this case I’d love to eat an ounce of xylitol but a pound of fluoride would kill me.

Tom’s of Maine has a good fluoride-free toothpaste line (Fennel is my favorite) and Spry has some available on Amazon. NOW has one with whitening, but we’ve had tooth pain in the family from prolonged use.