Is there a Marxist in the House?

Which of these would you suppose [fill in name of politician] opposes?

  1. Eminent Domain takings.

  2. Federal Wilderness and National Forest expansion.

  3. Restrictions on private land use via EPA and Wildlife regulations.

  4. Federal Income tax

  5. Increasing top brackets of income tax

  6. Lowering lower brackets of income tax

  7. Estate Tax

  8. Increasing Estate Tax

  9. Gift Tax

  10. Taxes to leave country

  11. Taxes for citizens working abroad

  12. Confiscation of property of tax resisters and drug dealers

  13. Federal Reserve Bank

  14. Legal Tender Laws / Illegality of competing currencies

  15. SEC

  16. FCC

  17. Interstate Highway Program / Federal Highway Fund

  18. National Control of Airports

  19. Nationalization of GM

  20. Public Utilities Commissions

  21. FTC

  22. Union control of industry

  23. Card Check

  24. Agribusiness

  25. USDA

  26. Farm Bill subsidies

  27. FDA

  28. Department of Education

  29. Nationalization of Student Loans

  30. Minimum wage laws

The gentle reader is undoubtedly aware by now of the obvious nature of the list: each group of three can be characterized as contributing to progress towards the 10 Points of the Communist Manifesto.