K-Mart vs. Wal*Mart

I stopped by Newbury Comics today to buy Will a birthday present (he’s two today). I got him a Monster Book of Monsters stuffed toy he absolute went bananas for last time we were in there.

On my TODO index card in my pocket I also had ‘wrapping paper’ and ‘padded envelopes’. Newbury Comics is in the same shopping plaza as K-Mart and since I was shopping on work time I decided to just go there rather than drive down to Wal*Mart and save a couple bucks on products.

I got what I needed, but during checkout I was asked, in order:

  • for my e-mail address so I could ‘get coupons’. Three times, each worded differently.
  • for my ZIP code
  • if I wanted to apply for a Sears credit card
  • for $7.73 for the goods
  • if I would please go online and fill out a survey
  • to ‘please come back and visit us again’

They’re out of their minds. Next time I’m going to drive to Wal*Mart, and it’s not for the $2, it’s for the check out process:

  • give us this much money (incidentally, less than K-Mart)

  • “thank you, have a nice day”