Lynch Vetos Medical Marijuana Bill

As expected, Gov. Lynch vetoed the medical marijuana bill which has a veto-proof margin in the House, but not the Senate. Logic and reason were never going to convince Lynch – he’s angling for a FedGov job after next January, and he doesn’t want to rock the boat.  This was about him, not the People of NH.

With such overwhelming popular support for the compassionate stance here, the more interesting question is whether the Republican Senators who are on the fence are willing to give the November election and control of the Legislature to the Democrats over this. Fairly or not, they’ve already earned a reputation this session as anti-Union, anti-Woman, and now they have a chance to be anti-Patient. This vote can either sew up the matter of how (un)compassionate the Republicans are in the public’s eye, or give voters an issue to say, “hrm, these are reasonable people I can work with.”

I’d be very surprised if Republican leadership isn’t talking to these Senators and trying to persuade them to save the election for them.