McCain-Palin FTW

Just a quick post to throw my two cents in, Sarah Palin would be McCain’s best political choice for Vice President. Especially if Obama goes with Joe Biden, Palin would swing the demographics vote to McCain by a winning margin, more so that any state-based vote swing could do for him.

She’s young, conservative, has executive experience, and enjoys an over 80% approval rating in Alaska. Some people tried to recently paint her with a scandal, but that’s been resolved in her favor. She’d also be a great ticket leader in ‘012, especially with Veep experience, so it’d be good for the Republican party.

Prediction markets say I’m wrong by a 45:5 ratio. In my defense, they predict who’s most likely to be picked, not who would be the best political pick, and McCain isn’t likely to make his choice based on reason.

Update: Obama might pick Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas in peremptory defense against this tactic. If he does, he wins.

Update 2: Nope. Dummy. McCain is now running a ‘Biden’ ad which shows Biden’s attack on Obama during the primaries. Unless McCain is suicidal, that means he won’t be picking Romney.

Update 3: Here’s a good article talking about some of the potential problems of Biden vs. the GOP VP pick in a debate. Without being informed about Palin’s debate credentials, I’ll just say that Biden would lay into her less heavily than, e.g. Ridge, for the sake of his own image.

Update 4: It’s about time McCain started listening to me. I’d say he just won the election.

Update 5: I’ve launched a news website covering this campaign. I could have put the money into the prediction markets at 50:1 or into two domain names. I chose the latter. Was this a good choice? We’ll see.