Oh, Canada – drat

For some reason NHPR plays As It Happens, Canadian news at 9PM. I suppose they’re pandering to the French-Canadian ethnic group in NH (but not any other – odd). You might expect it to be about Molson and Hockey, but it rarely is. Mostly about Canadian politics and such. Contrast this with BBC World Service which has a whole world from which to chose important happenings of the day, As It Happens has to fill a full hour with Canadian news every day, and the odds of that much happening in Canada that might affect me each day are slim, so it’s hardly worth listening.

At the same time, VPR is playing Jazz with George Thomas, which is a fantastic show. Yet, somehow I sometimes to forget to switch channels. So I made this rhyme:

When Canada is on in the car,
Switch over to to Jazz on VPR.

to help me remember. Perhaps it will save you, one day, too.