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Privacy is a Human Right

less than 1 minute read

Dan sent me a link to a great essay by Bruce Schneier about privacy being a human right, not a government allowance. The money quote:

Suzy Smith – 1940-2007

1 minute read

On Monday I went to a memorial service for Suzy Smith, a friend and former co-worker. Suzy and I chatted over e-mail regularly, mostly about new Mac products...

Indexed – Fun with Math

less than 1 minute read

Jessica Hagy has a blog called Indexed where she posts philosophical ideas as images drawn on index cards using set theory, Venn diagrams, and the like. Witt...

Paraglider Rides Thunderstorm to 32,000 ft

less than 1 minute read

Ewa Wisnerska, paraglider, got caught in one of Australia’s notorious thunderstorm updrafts, spiraled up to 32,000 ft, was pelted with hail, encased in ice, ...