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Air Force Develops Transparent Aluminum

1 minute read

On the same day that we learned James Doohan’s ashes are bound for space the USAF announced a new transparent armor technology made from aluminum oxynitride.

How to Punish a Professor

less than 1 minute read

Make her teach! The Valley News has the story of Dartmouth Professor Mara Sabinson who “alleges that after she refused to quit, college administrators punish...

Social Networking at the NSA?

less than 1 minute read

Bob Cringely’s column this week offers the first sensible explaination I’ve heard on why the NSA is skipping the FISA court for its ‘wiretapping’ activities....

Secret Laws

less than 1 minute read

When last I wrote about the Outlawing of Fair Use of video, I wrote that HR 4569 aims to require analog transmissions to maintain DRM “somehow”.

Dartmouth AI Seminar

5 minute read

This weekend I attended a seminar at Dartmouth College commemorating the fifthieth anniversary of the first Dartmouth Summer Symposium on Artificial Intellig...