Penny Stocks for Fun and Profit

I bought 2900 shares of Sustainable Power Corp stock for just over 3 cents a share the other day, on a whim. I had a tiny bit of cash in my trading account that was getting dangerously close to earning enough interest such that I’d have to file Interests & Dividends paperwork with the State of NH, and I’ve never owned a penny stock before. Some of my other stocks are expensive enough I can’t even afford more than one share, so I thought it would be fun to own 2900 shares of something. I know, that’s silly.

However, if what these guys say is true (I give it at least roulette wheel odds) then they should be able to command $10 a share pretty quickly. That would sure help me retire some debt.

Oh, yeah, their business plan is to replace nearly all oil supplies by disposing of agriculural waste. Using less than 1/5 of the US agricultural waste would supposedly break even, and produce a salable fertilizer as a by-product. Reportedly they have a big reactor in operation and have little ones to bring around to show investors that their claims are tue. They’re planning to have 400 reactors built by the end of next year. Whether they achieve this will be a good measure of how real they are. They have a video showing a production facility, and it appears they’ve at least put quite a bit of metal together with welders, and their presentation is so not slick that they’re either brilliant con guys or real. If it’s staged, the prop man gets high marks for hiding gear from NAPA and True Value within camera shot to convince us it’s a real small business.

I looked up the diplomat they have speaking in the video, and he appears to be the real deal, at least if Wikipedia’s link to the group can be trusted. I also looked up the guy named as the inventor of the technology and didn’t find any academic information on him, but there are several articles written wondering if this is real. One cited testing done by an independent lab which appears to confirm the product, or at least their sample (though the sample differed from other types of fuel in its BTU count and freezing point).

Yeah, it seems too good to be true, but I’m going to chose to believe them for now. It may be a pipe dream, but I have to admit it’s a beautiful dream.