Restoring The Republic

Q: When does a politician issue a press release that’s a 5000-word essay on history, political philosophy, and the sad state of affairs of his country while being hypercritical of his own party?

A: December 12th.

Yeah, it’s not a joke. In the candidly-named, Let It Bleed: Restoring the Republican Party, Michigan Representative Thaddeus McCotter lays into the ‘Cashocrats’ in Washington, condemns the members of his party and lays out a set of principles for a coming wave of what he calls ‘Restoration Republicans’. What do they want to do? Only wash away all the bad government of the past 100 years and re-focus on liberty and freedom.

In his essay he provides quite a bit of background, political theory, and makes many salient points about what shaped our government over the past 100 years and why current socioeconomic conditions render the entire premise for our governmentally-regulated society inappropriate.

This essay will probably be come to be known as a major catalyst for change – not on the level of Common Sense, but easily beyond the Contract With America.

I first heard about him in an interview on the Dennis Miller show. This guy is sharp and can go toe-to toe with Miller on obscure references and witty jabs, and he’s already in office.

He’s one of the good guys. Keep an eye on this one.