Ron Paul Media Blackout Continues

Despite Ron Paul’s 2nd-place victory in the Nevada primaries, the MSM continues its blackout on any positive Ron Paul coverage. Here’s the New York Times’s race coverage today:

They continue to list Guliani and Thompson, though Ron Paul regularly bests them in most contests.

This kind of selective reporting crosses the line from journalism to promotion, and like the Fox News Debate Debacle in NH, ought to be accounted for by the FEC as campaign donations.

Since Ron Paul is winning delegates and out-fundraising the other candidates, The New York Times doesn’t have a legitimate excuse for its biased reporting. That the New York Times would stand to lose political favors under a Ron Paul presidency is probably reason enough for their stance, and understandable as a business transaction. But one does not get to engage in political manipulation and call it journalism. Pick one.

A nice lady waiting for her daughter at Emma’s dance school saw my Ron Paul bumper magnet and we talked about him for a short while. It’s a small world, and far more people know about his policy ideas than the MSM would care to admit. I just expected to wait for half an hour in a cold mudroom, not get a chance to talk monetary policy and constitutionalism with another 30-something. We agreed – maybe not this time around, but change is a-coming.