SCOTUS in Plainfield

Wow, it turns out one of the Supreme Court Justices, Stephen Breyer, has a home in my town, Planfield, NH. And some local Libertarians want to turn it into a “park”, comprised of two stone tablets, in protest of the awful SCOTUS decision, Kelo v. City of New London, which Breyer was on the wrong side of.

I’m not sure I get the point here. The hotel in Weare is a for-profit private enterprise that will enhance the tax base of the town. Constitution Park offers no such benefit to the people of Plainfield. In fact, a park is one of the uses that could be allowed under the old interpretation of emminent domain.

167 Acres is plenty to build a nice resort on that. People will come, Plainfield will benefit, and it’s more interesting than two stone tablets, and is directly related to the intent of the SCOTUS decision. ‘The Constitution Hotel and Resort’ is interesting - ‘Constitution Park’ is pointless. I won’t be voting for a new park come Town Meeting.