Sprouted Whole Grain Wheat Flour Bread

I got a 2-lb bag of Lindley Mills’ SuperSprout Sprouted Whole Grain Wheat Flour (from King Arthur Flour) on a lark, and boy am I glad I did.  This flour is amazing.

The texture is so fine – almost like a brownie box mix.  As a benchmark, I used my standard bread flour loaf bread recipe with the whole bag of flour:

2-lb bag SuperSprout
1 1/2 c buttermilk
5/8 c water
4T honey
2T butter
4t yeast
3t sea salt

(it needed more water than bread flour), and made six mini-loaves in a silicone baking pan (35 min at 350).  It came out better than any white bread or whole grain bread I’ve made to date.  The rise was perfect, the texture was perfect, the dough bounced back perfectly after the second rise, and I didn’t even kneed it all that much (the 5-year-old boy had that job).  I suspect this flour would make a nice pizza dough as well.

The first mini-loaf was gone before I could get the stew on the table – just the warm bread and buttery spread was sufficient for the hungry family to demolish.  Fortunately this bread cuts really easily too.

I’ve had sprouted-grain crackers and such before, and this flour doesn’t taste anything like that.  Perhaps a little bit like spelt, but much nicer, and somebody eating a loaf of this bread will just think it’s wonderful wheat bread.  If this flour goes into mass production, it could really change the way the average person bakes bread at home – I have to spend much more time and effort to get standard flours to perform not quite as well as this one does with ease.

Besides all that, the manufacturer says it’s easier for people who have wheat intolerance to digest.