The Fallacy of a Tight Border

Here’s a video from the US GAO showing some unpatrolled areas of the Canadian-US Border. The implication of the reporting around this video is that we’re not doing enough to secure our borders. That’s crazy, we can’t secure 6,000 miles of land border – plus patrol the oceanic borders – it’s an insurmountable task for humans.

We need to treat our country more like a house. Everybody knows that a home’s #1 enemy is water. Yet, we don’t wrap our homes in plastic bubbles, we build our homes so that when water is put upon it or in it, that water can be effectively removed, without additional worry. Any water that does get in drains away and dries up quickly. If there are areas which are likely to hold standing water without being noticed, we put in a water alarm ($15 at Home Depot – good investment!)

Similarly, the US needs to have a method for fast and efficient removal of aliens. The current excuse for not doing this is that the house is currently flooded due to neglect. Sorry, but we can’t ask an insurance company to declare the country a total loss – we’re going to have to effect repairs, and that starts with drying out the carpets.

It should go without saying that none of us could live without lots of water in our homes – but we need it to be properly piped into the correct place, filtered perhaps, and delivered with appropriate pressure.