What does the TSA Achieve (Short Quiz)


Food for thought:

  1. Has the TSA ever caught a potential bomber?  

  2. Have they had a 60% failure rate in tests getting weapons through?

  3. Have potential bombers tried and failed because the passengers overwhelmed them?

  4. Are there hundreds of other ways to blow up a plane TSA isn’t screening for?

  5. Are they screening for the kinds of devices that took down Pan Am Flight 103?

  6. Can we achieve perfect safety? 

  7. When did the tactic of using planes as missiles become unworkable?  

  8. Does TSA have a tremendous amount of direct and indirect costs?

  9. Are these searches patently unconstitutional?

  10. Should a private airline be able to require its passengers to have such screening?

  11. Who said these?  “Give me liberty or give me death.” “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

  12. Given all of the above, is this really about safety or is it more likely about conditioning?


  1. No, 2. Yes, 3. Yes, 4. Yes, 5. No, 6. No, 7. 9:57AM, 9/11/2001, 8. Yes, 9. Yes, 10. Absolutely – there’s probably a small market for it, 11. Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin, 12. You decide.